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Never too old

June 8, 2012

I remember when I was young carrying around a little notebook.  It went everywhere with me and in it I kept all the great ideas that were swirling around in my head.  I didn’t want to lose a single one because I was sure that one of those ideas would make me rich, or famous or at the very least get me laid.  I must have carried that notebook around for a few years.  As it aged so did I and like stuffed animals one day it just didn’t seem needed or important.  But, I regret not carrying it around anymore.   Those were times of great possibilities.  A time in my life when I believed almost anything was possible.

Now here I am at 57 and I have noticed that I don’t have ideas like I use to.  An index  card paper would be all I would need these days .  And quite frankly that’s bullshit.  I realize that I have started to die long before my life is over.  Life is just filled with work, maybe a little church and lots and lots of reruns of the Golden Girls.  Well, that is not enough.  In fact, it is God Damn depressing!  So, I have bought myself a little notebook and I have begun to dream again.  The ideas now seem a bit more refined than thoughts about how I can get laid although that idea  has not completely disappeared..thank God.  The ideas now seem to be a bit more focused.  To get myself off to a fun start I am going to learn German this summer.  Not just a couple of words but I want to really have a wack at it and be able to have a good solid vocabulary and be able to read children’s books, listen to the news and be able to have simple conversations by the time summer is over.  It is a long deferred dream to be a polyglot (oddly enough I believe that was in my original notebook…I wanted to work for the UN).  Life is too precious and too short to just let it drift away while I sit on the couch scratching my navel.  It’s time to wake up!