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Re-Creating a life worth living

September 28, 2014

At some point we give up on creating a life for ourselves and just mindlessly start plugging away at the life that gets laid out before us. A life that is defined by family, work, church, political affiliations, etc. We give away this control of our lives willingly until one day we wake up and we realize we are not really living OUR life but someone else’s. I’m not sure how that happens. I suspect that as we get older the creativity of our youth is not valued or tolerated. We are expected to have a fairly linear progression that leads to an accepted journey into adult hood. Why would I ever let that happen? I don’t know. But I do know that I am ready to take my life back; to reclaim the creative Rick. Over the next few weeks I am going to lay out my “Life List”. Every good adventure needs a good plan and every good plan requires some thought. My hope is to lay that plan out here and then let you know how it is going. As I write this my brain seems to be busy finding all kinds of reasons why this is not a good idea or hurling obstacles in my way. But, for once, I shall not be rendered paralyzed by something new, something challenging or something that I don’t feel confident about. I am going to do my best to push through the depression, anxiety, uncertainty and create a life worth living.